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Electronic ear for balls mill ORELSO 400

Electronic ear for balls mill

Filling level of a ball mill is a key information to optimize capacity and efficiency of grinding plants which makes our Orelso 400 essential to regulate ball mills.

The electronic ear converts acoustic signal into a digital one directly processed by the electronic unit so as to determine the load in the mill with accuracy.

The LCD Display with user-friendly Human Machine Interface makes all adjustments easier for the operator.

The microphone is installed as close as possible to the mill shell thanks to the small diameter of the casing (only 80 mm diameter). This heavy-duty casing is made of painted mild steel with a special grid for protection against shocks as well as a dust-filter . The sound-proof casing can be mounted with an heavy-duty microphone support (as an option) for a better stability so as to adjust the microphone as close as possible to the mill shell and up to 1 910 mm from the ground.

Mounted on a wall close to the mill or at a distance up to 500 meters from the microphone (cable distance). 50 meters are supplied as a standard.

Main advantages
  • ø 80mm casing so as to fit close to the mill shell for accuracy
  • Electronic unit with LCD display with user-friendly Human Machine Interface

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