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Cement Department

Our proven solutions for optimising the operation of the various facilities in a cement plant improve product quality while reducing production costs and environmental impact.
Worldwide recognition

With more than 40 years of experience, our Cement Department has developed a range of solutions to optimise the various stages of production in cement plants.

Our team is supported by 2 engineering and design departments – Mechanical & Electrical/Automation – who have a perfect knowledge of this specific industry and who tailor solutions, both innovative and proven, to meet the various challenges faced by our customers.

We are recognised worldwide for our state-of-the-art equipment which improves the quality of the finished product and reduces production costs and environmental impact.

Our solutions
for process control

Our process control analysers – high frequency control of loss on ignition on hot meal or cement, free lime in clinker, gypsum/limestone additions or cement particle size, as well as our centralised automatic laboratories (Autolab)sampling, transport, preparation and analysis systems – are used by all the major players in the cement industry on the five continents.

Kiln seals

Our graphite slabs kiln seals are unrivalled in their efficiency and low maintenance requirements.


A reliable kiln inlet gas sampling and analysis system, a grinding balls sorter and a wide range of sensors and detectors complete our solutions for optimising the operation of our customers’ cement plants.


Our department designs and manufactures lump breakers, loading spouts for tankers and tippers.

Our loading trolleys allow to increase the loading rates by filling the trucks on several ports without moving the truck.


With over 40 years of experience in this field, our equipment is recognized as robust and reliable, meeting the most demanding requirements of our customers.

A full range of level sensors is available to meet all applications and a contactless solution is particularly suitable for demanding conditions. A reliable solution, not affected by dust content, is also available for level measurement.

Our rotation controller, consisting of a very robust casing, protects the inductive sensors and increases their lifetime while drastically reducing false detections.

Operation of ball mills can be optimized with our “Orelso” electronic ear solution, which measures the noise level in the mill and allows its filling to be adjusted in real time.

Related products
Specialised equipment
Our solutions are essential to decision making and plant operation as they improve product quality while reducing production costs and environmental impact.
Related products
Specialised equipment
Our solutions are essential to decision making and plant operation as they improve product quality while reducing production costs and environmental impact.

Our expertise
A solid, cross-functional commercial structure composed of 3 distinct departments with dedicated skills and know-how to best meet the standard or specific needs of our customers:
  • The Cement Department for the needs of cement manufacturers.
  • The Color & Vision Department for mines, quarries, sugar and sweeteners factories.
  • The Bulk Solids Department for the mining and mineral industries as well as more generally for the Solid Bulk industries (steel industry, food industry, pet food, waste treatment, chemical industry…).
Color & Vision
Bulk Solids
Our customers speak
Atbara Cement Co
Imtiaz Rivzi
Atbara Cement Co
Assistant General Manager

This is to certify that we, Atbara Cement plant in Sudan, part of the Al Rahji group, have installed a semi-automatic laboratory in 2009 supplied by ITECA of France, through CNBM HCDRI of China.
Our semi-automatic laboratory includes:
• Automatic sampling points for: raw meal x1, kiln feed x1, hot meal x1, cement x3
• An automatic cartridge transport system for all of the above-mentioned sampling points.
• A semi-automatic mill and press
• A free lime analyzer
• A particle size analyzer (installed in the laboratory)
Our experience has showed us that all of the ITECA sampling systems provide a representative and reliable sample, allowing us to correctly monitor all changes in the process.
Furthermore, the cartridge transport system of ITECA demonstrates a high degree of reliability. ln fact since we have started the system, the cartridge of ITECA has never blocked inside the pipe.
Overall, we are very satisfied with the reliability of the systems supplied by ITECA.

Lafarge Cement SA - Poland

The lteca Online Free Lime Analyzer with a high temperature clinker sampler at the kiln discharge was installed at the Lafarge Kujawy plant in Bielawy, Poland in 2002. The system gives us the correct measurement of the Free Lime content in clinker directly at the kiln discharge before the cooler.
Having such a fast response to process changes in the kiln, we are able to adapt our fuel consumption and stabilize the Free Lime at the desired level.
The system has been operating satisfactory since 2002 with very limited maintenance.
The installation of the ITECA Free Lime Analyzer has helped us to stabilize and optimize the operating conditions of the kiln and to obtain energy savings by reducing the fuel consumption of the kiln and electricity consumption on the cement mill.

CMS Clinker
General Manager

At the CMS clinker plant, located in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, after having taken into consideration the different available suppliers, it was decided to purchase and install an ITECA gas sampling system.
The system was installed in July 2009 and it gives us the correct measures of NOx, O2 & CO.
The system has been operating satisfactorily with very limited maintenance.
The installation of the ITECA gas sampling system has helped us to stabilize and optimize the operating conditions of our kiln.

Tomás Del Valle
Italcementi Anorga
Maintenance Department

At the Añorga plant, after different trials with other gas sampling systems without success and after having taken into consideration the different available possibilities, was decided to purchase and install an ITECA gas sampling system.
The system was installed in November 2001.
During the commissioning, the pneumatic probe extraction system was not adapted and was exchanged for a more powerful electrical extraction system. Since then, the system has been operating satisfactorily.
It is the first time that we can rely on a system that gives us the measurement of CO, NOx and O2 without any clogging, burning or bending of the sampling probe which can withstand the extremely severe conditions of our fume box.
Considering the operating conditions, the probe requires some attention and preventive maintenance in order to keep its satisfactorily operation.

S. Ramesh
JK Lakshmi Cement LTD
Vice President (Material)

This is to certify that we have been using ITECA outlet seals on our three kilns since 2000. The seal’s performance is satisfactory compared to its peers resulting in lower coal consumption and higher production.
The maintenance is limited to changing the wire ropes once in a year. We recently were adjudged the company with lowest CO2 emission in lndia and the seal played an important part as it stopped false air from entering the system.

Jean Claude Royer
HeidelbergCement USA
Plant Manager Lehigh Cement

We replaced our existing inlet seal using spring plates in March 2016 with a graphite plates design supplied by ITECA France.
We chose the ITECA design because of its proven performance as tested and reported to us in several of our other plants within the Heidelberg group worldwide.
The performance improvement was seen in the form of a greater stability of the kiln operation, a better fuel efficiency (energy savings), a reduction in electrical power consumption (power savings) as little to no cold false air enters the kiln inlet area. We also experienced less ring formation in the kiln after the new seal was installed. We estimate that the savings provided a project payback close to a year and a half.
We can confirm that, the graphite plates design maintained in contact with a bearing race rotating with the kiln, using a cable and counterweight arrangement ensures a steady leak tightness. The wear on the graphite blocks seems to be very limited.
We would also like to emphasize that the project from ordering to installation was executed very smoothly and we would like to congratulate the ITECA project team for the quality of their work.

Anton Hadjiiski
HeidelbergCement Russie
General Manager Cesla and North West Russia

ln 2020, ITECA passed the HeidelbergCement tender procedure and was selected as the contractor to design and replace the kiln hood, the nose-ring plates and install a new graphite outlet seal on our kiln.
The ITECA graphite seal was selected for its effectiveness and the good experience gained from other HeidelbergCement plants. ln addition, a new kiln hood and nose ring plates were produced locally according to ITECA’s drawings.
We confirm that we are satisfied with the quality of work and equipment from ITECA. The outside air does not enter the kiln through the seal, which saves fuel.
CESLA OJSC recommends ITECA company as a reliable partner who fulfills its obligations with high quality and on time.

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