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ITECA SOCADEI, a company in constant evolution for the best possible satisfaction of customers requirements. A rich history written by its leaders and collaborators.
A unique industrial group
Construction of a new cement group in Marseille: Société Coloniale des Chaux et Ciments Portland de Marseille, better known as "Ciments de Marseille".
Creation of SOCADEI (SOCiété Approvisionnement et de Développement Industriel), a subsidiary of Ciments de Marseille, its main objective is to provide technical assistance to the group's plants worldwide. From 1949 to 1969 SOCADEI develops its own range of equipment.
Acquisition of Ciments de Marseille by Lafarge. SOCADEI continues to expand its product range for the cement industry.
Creation of LCE (Lafarge Conseils et Etudes), located in Marseille, into which SOCADEI is integrated. Its know-how is used not only in the Lafarge group but also begins to be used in other cement groups. It was at this time that the first white cement coolers were developed and installed (France, Canada, Lebanon) as well as the very first kiln seal.
The Eighties
Development of the first systems for sampling, transport and quantification of free lime in clinker.
The Lafarge group terminates LCE and its equipment division becomes ITECA (Innovation TEchnique Capteurs Automatisme) which takes possession of many Lafarge patents. Development of the first loss on ignition analyser.
Mr Anis HAIDER joins ITECA as Managing Director reporting directly to Lafarge management.
Takeover of the company by Mr Anis HAIDER.
The 2000 ‘s
Changing course for the 21st century
Creation of the Indian subsidiary Iteca Instruments Pvt. Ltd, located in Chennai.
The objective of this subsidiary is to address the Indian market, particularly that of kiln seals, with local manufacturing.
Integration of key personnel from Chromasys who join ITECA to start the sugar and mineral industries activity and founding of the Colour & Vision Department devoted to sugar and mineral industries.
Acquisition of SODEMI (bought to Bureau Veritas) and integration of its range of sample preparation systems (mills and presses).
Joint Venture in China.
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