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Europôle de l'Arbois, 445 Rue Denis Papin, 13592 Aix-en-Provence

Bulk Solids Department

With over 40 years of experience in the Solid Bulk Industry, the Bulk Solids Department specializes in Sampling, sample preparation and analysis solutions as well as in Instrumentation, loading, rotary kiln seals and ball sorting machines.
Your challenges, our experience

Our team is supported by 2 engineering and design departments – Mechanical & Electrical/Automation – who have a perfect knowledge of the solid bulk industry and who tailor solutions, both innovative and proven, to meet the various challenges faced by our customers.

We are recognised worldwide for our state-of-the-art equipment which improves the quality of the finished product and reduces production costs and environmental impact.

The technical solutions proposed by our department are used in more than 95 countries by numerous international producers.

Our solutions allow to obtain accurate and repeatable results for a better characterization of the material.

Our sampling solutions (single samplers or entire sampling stations) comply with Pierre Gy’s sampling theory “TOS” and international sampling standards to obtain representative samples.

These units can be connected to automatic sample transport & preparation solutions (crushing, grinding, pelletizing, etc.) in order to feed analyzers that can be grouped together into a centralised automatic laboratory (Autolab).

Our department designs and manufactures lump breakers, loading spouts for tank-trucks, and open-trucks, as well as a special loading spout for both types of truck.

Our loading trolleys allow to increase the loading rates by filling the trucks on several ports without moving the truck.

With over 40 years of experience in this field, our equipment is recognized as robust and reliable, meeting the most demanding requirements of our customers.

A full range of level detectors suitable for all applications in the mineral and mining industry including a contactless solution particularly designed for tough conditions. A reliable solution, not affected by dust content, is also available for level measurement.

Notre contrôleur de rotation, composé d’un casing très robuste, protège les capteurs inductifs et en augmente la durée de vie tout en réduisant drastiquement les fausses détections.

Operation of ball mills can be optimized with our “Orelso” electronic ear solution, which measures the noise level in the mill and allows its filling to be adjusted in real time.

Our kiln seals, using graphite slabs, are unrivalled in their efficiency and low maintenance requirements. They actively contribute to reducing energy expenditure and improving the process by reducing false air inlets.

They are designed for a large range of rotary kilns, calciners and dryers.

Our grinding ball sorting machine allows the automatic sorting of grinding balls into up to 10 different classes while eliminating of dust, non-spherical and broken balls.

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Specialised equipment
Our solutions are essential to decision making and plant operation as they improve product quality while reducing production costs and environmental impact.
Related products
Specialised equipment
Our solutions are essential to decision making and plant operation as they improve product quality while reducing production costs and environmental impact.

Our expertise
A transversal sound commercial structure comprised of three different departments, each one with dedicated skills and know-how, to fully meet standard or specific needs of our customers.
  • The Cement Department for the needs of cement manufacturers.
  • The Color & Vision Department for mines, quarries, sugar and sweeteners factories.
  • The Bulk Solids Department for the mining and mineral industries as well as more generally for the Solid Bulk industries (steel industry, food industry, pet food, waste treatment, chemical industry…).
Color & Vision
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