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Loading spout for tank truck

Loading spout for tank truck

Our loading spouts are used for dust free loading of solid bulk products into tank trucks.

They are made of 2 ducts: a central one to transfer the product from the silo to the truck and an external one to collect dust emission. The central one can be made of different types depending applications: flexible duct, nesting cones, telescopic tubes.

This telescopic equipment is positioned on/goes down to the manhole of the tanker by a docking cone and ensures the automatic loading of the truck. The operation is carried out with a control panel complying with safety conditions: engine overheating, tank overflow.

Main advantages
  • Reliable and robust solution (casing in cast aluminium)
  • Internal or external cables depending the application
  • High tank level detection to stop filling/loading
  • Versions available for open truck, for both tank and open truck and for loading trolley.

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