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Samples cartridge transport system TPC

Samples cartridge transport system TPC

Solution specially designed for transporting any type of powdery material from a sampling point to the laboratory

System composed of sending stations, a set of stainless steel tubes and bends assembled by airtight clamps, diverter(s), a receiving station and a dust extraction unit

Fully automated opening, emptying, cleaning and return of the cartridge once it has been received in the laboratory

2 variants of the receiving station :

  • Independent with sample disposal on a carrousel equipped with cups
  • Built-in to our Autolab (automatic sample preparation and analysis system) with sample discharge into a rotary sample distributor

Maximum transport length for 1 line : > 1 km

Maximum sample particle size : 1 mm

Cartridge volume : 300 cc (250 cc guaranteed)

Maximum transport frequency : 12 cartridges/h

Maximum sample temperature : 100 °C

Main advantages
  • Simplified design: mainly pneumatic actuators, spring-loaded self-closing cartridge with no lid to handle
  • Comprehensive cleaning of the cartridge and receiving station between each cycle
  • Aluminium cartridge with easily replaceable runner rings
  • Up to 11 transport lines connected to a single receiving station
  • Easy conversion of a receiving station with a carrousel into a variant for Autolab

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