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Automatic Mill & Pellet press BPA

Automatic Mill & Pellet press

Automatic sample preparation system for X-ray fluorescence and/or X-ray diffraction analysis of any type of powdery sample

Boric acid encapsulation of pellets produced without any steel ring or binding agent

Independent milling and pelletizing modules whose operations are managed by our standard manipulator arm

Linear axis equipped with a pneumatic gripper for loading and unloading the different modules

Easy integration with our centralized automatic laboratory Autolab

Possible connection by conveyor belt to any type of XRF/XRD spectrometer

Siemens TIA based automation with touch screen operator panel

Main advantages
  • Compared to manual preparation: improved repeatability, higher throughput, better working conditions & lower risk of cross-sample contamination
  • Bowl, grinding ring, puck and press head made of tungsten carbide
  • No risk of pellet breakage
  • No pollution of the Carbon measurement by X-ray fluorescence
  • Comprehensive cleaning of all parts in contact with the material by means of dust extraction, compressed air injection and rotating brushes for some key items
  • Easily accessible unit: e.g. visual check of the bowl cleanliness is easily done between 2 cycles without any special operation being required
  • Adjustable pressing force up to 40 tons
  • Flexibility of operation: 9 grinding & 9 pelletizing recipes can be set up for different kinds of products

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