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ColObserver (sugar and sweeteners) – On-line colour measurement

On-line colour measurement
ColObserver – Sugar and sweeteners
  • Control white or raw sugar colour in Real time
  • Display ICUMSA color trends for each centrifugal and for the whole production
  • Play Real time video of the ongoing production
  • Detect brown lumps of sugar and out of spec measurements
  • Divert non conformities to avoid contaminating the dryer
  • Trigger alarms and record video on event
  • Individually optimize centrifugal washing time to reduce remelting
Main advantages
  • Substantial reduction of remelting as well as water and energy consumption
  • Full traceability especially with the video of the alarms
  • Maintain de colour within target for any sugar grade
  • Optimize global throughput, especially at the centrifugal level

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