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Carbon Sulphur Analyser CS

Carbon Sulphur Analyser
  • Fully automated analyser with integrated sample preparation, analysis, result transfer and residue evacuation
  • Custom designed sampling, sample transport and residue management
  • High frequency analysis (up to 10/h) to optimise the relevant process point; namely :
    • on cement: quantification of limestone and gypsum additions
    • on clinker: control of its sulphur content
    • on hot meal: control of its decarbonation rate and sulphur content
  • Measurement ranges and repeatability :
    • C channel: 0 to 5 % CO2 – σ = 0,12 C
    • S channel: 0 to 2 % SO3 – σ = 0,05 S
Main advantages
  • Up to 3 sampling points connected to a single at-line analyser
  • Easy to install either at-line or in an Autolab
  • Optimisation of the relevant process point for increased productivity combined with energy savings
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