Monday, 16 May 2022

Loss on ignition analyser PF1


Measurement of the decarbonation rate at the bottom of the precalciner


-> Optimization of the precalciner operation

Measurement of the filler rate in the finished product flow

-> Optimization of the filler rate in cement                                                     

Advantages :

  • Automatic on-line equipment with integrated sample preparation, measurement and residues cleaning
  • Output information used to control the precalciner and to optimize the burning operations
  • Cost savings due to production increase combined with energy savings
  • Quality enhancement of the finished product
  • Possibility to use the same equipment to regulate the filler rate at the optimum level according to legislation
  • Easy to install either on site or in automated laboratory

Principle :

  • Sampling and transport systems are custom designed for each application:
    - PF1 KT: air cooled piston sampler type PC303
    - PF1 KF: screw sampling solution type PREC100 + P11
  • Volumetric pre-weighing
  • Precise sample weighing with an electronic scale
  • Heating at 975 °C during 20 min
  • Residual material weighing
  • Analog 4-20 mA output (Profibus communication also available) to precalciner controls (KT model) or to the grinding mill control unit (KF model)
  • Automated crucible cleaning system
  • Pneumatic waste ejection

Performances :

  • High frequency analysis : up to 2 analyses / hour
  • No sample cross contamination
  • Equipment adaptable to worldwide standards
  • 3 operating modes: Automatic - Manual -Test
  • High precision scale : 1/2500
  • No loss of CO2 during sample transport to the analyser (KT model)

Specifications :

  • Height : 1933 mm
  • Depth : 833 mm
  • Length : 1433 mm
  • Weight : 500 kg
  • Power supply : any from 380 to 600 V ; 50-60 Hz
  • Compressed air supply : 6 bars, dry and clean
  • Location : - close to the precalciner (KT model)
                       - in the cement laboratory (KF model)



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