Wednesday, 08 July 2020



On line Color Measurement directly on the stream of the product

Advantages :

Fully automatic on line equipment requiring no human intervention.
Continuous control and monitoring of the plant supply.
Real time measurement of the colour characteristics resulting in the production optimisation :

  • Decreasing of the production costs
  • Control of the quality
  • Tracking of the production
  • Management of the storage according to the colour

High reliability due to a permanent monitoring of the system
Possibility of management of the breakdowns by TV intervention
Possibility of connection with the factory in network, field bus or via logical and analogical connections
Automatic calibration system

Principles :

The variations of the colorimetric values of the product ( Rx, Ry, Rz, L*a*b* ...) are controlled via a light source and a spectrocolormeter.
Measurement is carried out in a cavity under pressure via a porthole to guarantee a perfect state of the surface.
An auto-grading system enables to compensate the drifts of the lights and of the measure chain.
A data processing unit with application specific software calculates the colour parameters and monitors the results.

Performances :

  • High accuracy of the measurement < 0,1 on L*,a*,b*
  • Continuous analysis
  • Storage of the results on data loggers
  • Recording of the production events
  • Long lasting of the light source ( 5 years )
  • Automatic cleaning of the porthole
  • Auto-grading system with follow-up of the ageing of the light source
  • Auto-diagnostic software
  • Dust, temperature and waterproof
  • Can be positioned behind every type of automatic sampler

Specifications :

H x L x P : 1350 mm x 700 mm x 1300 mm
Weight : 250 Kgs
Stainless steel
power supply : 115 or 230 Vac ; 50 or 60 Hz 1,5 Kw
Clean and dry air 6 bars



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