Friday, 13 December 2019


Direct on line color measurement to check the quality of the product at the different steps of the manufacturing

Advantages :

  • Fully automatic on line device requiring no human intervention.
  • Continuous control and monitoring of the plant supply.
  • Real time measurement of the colour characteristics resulting in the optimization of the production :
  • Decreasing production costs
  • Quality control
  • Production tracking
  • Management of the finished product storage
  • High reliability thanks to a continuous monitoring of the system.
  • Management of the breakdown via tele-intervention.
  • Possibility of connection in network with the factory.
  • Integrated fully retractable calibration system allowing an easy maintenance.
  • Isolated automatic calibration system ensuring a perfect cleanliness of the plates.

Principles :

The colorimetric values drifts are controlled via a light source and an industrial digital light detector.
A retractable calibration system is used to check the light source and integrate any deviation.
Then a data processing unit calculates the colour parameters and monitors the results.
A remote display unit is provided to follow the results directly from the control room.

Performances :

  • Continuous analysis
  • Storage of the results on data loggers
  • Process alarm data loggers
  • Auto diagnostic software
  • Dust proof, sturdy construction enclosure
  • Easy to install, non intrusive in the process

Specifications :

H x L x P : 935 mm x 830 mm x 710 mm
Weight : 120 Kgs
Stainless steel
Power supply : 115 or 230 Vac ; 50 or 60 hz ; 1,5 Kw
Clean dry air at 6 bars



June 5-6, 2019, Curitiba, Parana (Brazil) :

SEMTEC 6º Seminário Técnico da Indústria do Cimento e Cal


November 8-9, 2019, Antalya (Turkey):
TCMB Turkish Cement Manufacturer’s Association


3-6 May 2020, Vancouver (Canada) :

CIM Convention.



October 18-22, 2020, Cape Town (South Africa)

IMPC 2020(International Mineral Processing Congress).