Friday, 03 December 2021

Colobserver® On-line sugar colour analyser with video monitoring and recording,
Detection-sorting-counting of brown lumps, black spots and out-of-spec colour
- Process Control -



Analysis over the full width of the conveyor and sugar thickness measurement in Real Time

The sugar colour is measured using an on-line colorimeter placed above any type of conveyor : screw, drag, vibrating plate, hopper, belt, etc. Powerful stroboscopic flash lamps LED or lightproof XENON covering the full visible spectrum illuminates the sugar surface. A digital camera measures the reflected light and sends the images to a computer in control room where they are processed in Real Time by dedicated software. The data is filtered and a mathematical algorithm applied.

ITECA’s Colobserver® provides on-line and precise colour measurements using a reflectance Indirect Method that is correlated to sugar plant laboratory measurements using official ICUMSA* methods for white sugar colour. The correlation  with the laboratory measurement is essential to provide colour information in ICUMSA or CE Units, and this is the case for any Indirect Method.

The video of the wet or dry sugar is continuously displayed with the color trend of each centrifugal and the global trend of the full production. The software automatically detects out of specification objects and can trigger alarms or even deviate the sugar to avoid contaminating the dryer or the silos.

It can also provide valuable information on the centrifugal operation. The ITECA software communicates in Real time with the centrifugals PLC to optimize their washing time.

Our on-line colour analyzer was originally designed to measure the colour of refined/brown/raw sugar, and make sure that it remains constant and within predefined limits, detecting out of specification objects and optimizing the washing time.

Washing time optimization in Real time : less remelted good sugar, energy and water savings. That means no costly over-quality, higher productivity  and a fast Return On Investment

It can also help optimizing the centrifugal maintenance by analyzing the recorded and stored videos of all the alarms : several little brown lumps of sugar on the surface can come from a plugged washing tube; a large surface of really dark sugar means that the plough discharger is not properly adjusted; a drift in colour, common to all centrifugal, means there is a change in the massecuite quality.

Blend qualities of dry sugars stored in silos to the colour set point can be performed with a customized ITECA software.

*It should be clearly noted that ICUMSA, as an independent organization, never endorsed any commercial operation and made it clear that providing guidance doesn’t mean approving any particular commercial equipment, contrary to what is widely announced by some manufacturers. It is true that ICUMSA organization recently reintroduced S7 subject : « Indirect Methods of Measurement » to provide guidance that can be applied universally to any Indirect Technique. The trials performed to validate those guidelines for the color measurement were done with a standard market product, on dry sugar, across a short colour range from 20 IU to 50 IU. Great care must therefore be taken when transferring the Indirect Techniques to any other application, especially when measuring the colour of wet sugar and on a different colour range.

Download our new PDF brochure the Colobserver

Download the Technical paper presented by British Sugar during the 75th SIT congress in New York : ‘Optimisation of white sugar colour management

One colorimeter can manage up to 14 centrifugals and display the colour trend for each one +  the video in Real time

The calibrated digital camera detects the brown lumps. Our software sorts automatically according to your criteria and counts them.


       Features :

  • High representativeness: analysis of the full width of the conveyor
  • Washing time and maintenance optimisation for each centrifugal: no costly over-quality, less remelted good sugar, quick payback
  • Video and High quality Image: auto calibrated digital camera and efficient LED or XENON lighting, no drift
  • Recorded videos and high traceability: 24h of batch production, video storage of triggered alarms for the complete campaign
  • Configurable sorting and counting of brown lumps, massecuite and out of specification colours
  • Automation for wisely diverting all detected non-conformities: no contamination of the sugar dryer and the silos
  • Customized ITECA software  for wet and dry sugars
  • Easy installation above any type of conveyor : screw, drag, vibrating plate, hopper, belt

Example of automation for wisely diverting all detected non-conformities
and avoiding the contamination of your sugar dryer and the silo

PC in your control room and Remote maintenance via Internet

Watch us on ITECA Color&Vision channel

       Technical specifications : 

  • Digital camera : full visible spectrum
  • Stroboscopic flash lamps : LED or lightproof XENON
  • Communications : 4-20 mA, Ethernet or optional Fieldbus
  • Calibration : stable, automatically performed, adjusted by independant systems, no drift
  • Dimensions and weight : 935 x 710 x 830 mm, 120 Kg
  • Power supply : 110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz,1.5kW
  • Material : stainless steel 316L and IP65
  • Sight glass : Polycarbonate



9-12 November 2021 - Sertãozinho, SP (Brazil) :

Fenasucro & Agrocana, International Sugar Exhibition.


November 23-25, 2021, Online(Brazil) :

SEMTEC 7º Seminário Técnico da Indústria do Cimento e Cal


20-22 April 2022, Mackay Queensland (Australia) :

ASSCT 2022, 43th Sugar conference, exhibitor and poster presentation.