Monday, 20 January 2020

Manual piston sampler type M11

The M 11 manual piston sampler is used to obtain a 50 cm3 volume sample in a vertical chute.



This sampler has the advantage of not altering the particle size distribution of the sample, and the sampling is carried out using a 50 cm3 calibrated opening. When it is not in the sampling position, the sampler is retracted and does therefore not protrude into the product chute.

The sample collection begins by pushing the piston of the sampler into the product flow using the handle. The sample is collected gravitally, and is then discharged by pulling back the handle and rotating it a 180°.


Specifications :


  • Aluminium piston body with a sampling volume of 50 cm3
  • Galvanized steel body (other materials available on request)
  • Flange mounting
  • Sliding tube with opening for sample collection
  • Removable scaper seal with O ring seal
  • Sample discharge by rotation of the sampler in the rest position
  • Maximum pressure in the sampling chute : 200 mbar (Possibility to use isolating valves)
  • Maximum depression in the sampling chute : -100 mbar (Possibility to use isolating valves



June 5-6, 2019, Curitiba, Parana (Brazil) :

SEMTEC 6º Seminário Técnico da Indústria do Cimento e Cal


3-6 May 2020, Vancouver (Canada) :

CIM Convention.



October 18-22, 2020, Cape Town (South Africa)

IMPC 2020(International Mineral Processing Congress).