Friday, 03 December 2021

Loading spout for tank trucks or rail cars

The loading spout for tank trucks is made of 2 ducts: a central one to transfer the product from the silo to the truck and an external one to collect dust emissions. According to the applications the central duct could be different: flexible duct, mild steel cones or telescopic tubes.

The lower part of the loading spout will go up progressively as required, so as to properly load the product into an open truck or directly on the ground (as required by the application).

A command and control cabinet ensures an automatic loading that complies with normal security requirements ie : motor overheating, automatic lifting etc

Technical Data :

Upper part :

- ø 600 mm framework with ø 300 mm opening
- ø 140 mm inlet for dedusting
- Pulleys with cable guides and scrapers

Intermediate Part :

- ø 600 mm flexible external duct for duct suction and dust emission protection
- Internal part composed by a ø 300 mm flexible duct or mild steel cones or telescopic tubes depending on the application
- Motorized lifting device with 3 external cables

Lower part :

- Outlet cone for contact with the tank loading hole
- Closing cone including level detection (rotating paddle switch, vibrating rod, pendular sensor,etc…)

Lifting :

- Manual lifting using a hand operated winch
- Motorized lifting device (integrated or remote) with brake, a cable winding drum and top/bottom end of travel limit switches

Command :

- Electrical control cabinet
- Suspended remote control box

Main Advantages :

- Internal part in cones cubles or flexible duct
- Robust and reliable



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