Friday, 03 December 2021

Kiln Discharge Clinker Sampler PHT10O


Several particle size ranges available (Standard: 2-12 mm)

Principle :

This PHT100 sampler, to be positioned at the fall of the kiln before the cooler, is designed to take clinker samples with a temperature as high as 1500°C. The advantage of taking a sample directly at the kiln discharge is that it considerably reduces the lag time between the clinkerization process and the moment the information regarding the free lime value is known.

This sampler is composed of a refractory steel beam continuously cooled by a blower. This beam is introduced, thanks to two pneumatic jacks, into the flow of clinker and clinker is collected through sampling slots located on top of the beam. The beam is then withdrawn from the clinker flow and collected sample is cooled by blown air and evacuated to a discharge spout with the help of a metallic brush fixed at the end of a jack installed perpendicularly to the beam.

On the top of the beam, sampling slots allow the selection of the maximum particle size of the sample (12 mm as a standard); under the discharge spout a selection grid allows the elimination of the undesired portion of the sample (particle size < 2 mm as a standard) which is then transferred to the drag chain of the cooler.

Specifications :

  • The sampler is fixed on to the existing structure by means of supports that are designed case by case
  • The inverted V shape of the upper part of the beam facilitates material flow
  • The beam is guided by two sets of lower and upper rollers
  • In the resting position, the front end of the sampler is flush with the wall of the cooler and serves as a plug.
  • This sampler can either be controlled remotely in conjunction with one of our analyzers or locally through an independent control cabinet
  • Maximum length of the sampling beam : 4 300 mm
  • Jacks: driving jacks =ø 125 ; discharge jack = ø 50
  • Flow rate of the beam cooling blower : 1 000 m3 / h
  • Maximum sample particle size : 30 mm (standard = 12 mm)
  • Eliminated portion of the sample : < 2 mm (standard) and up to < 8 mm
  • Sample volume: depends on maximum particle size (standard = 300 cm3)
  • Maximum sample temperature : 1500 °C
  • Power supply : any from 380 to 600 V; 50-60 Hz
  • Compressed air supply : 6 bars, clean & dry

Additional equipments :
  • Sampling automation
  • Sample transport
  • Sample storage
  • Preparation and analysis



9-12 November 2021 - Sertãozinho, SP (Brazil) :

Fenasucro & Agrocana, International Sugar Exhibition.


November 23-25, 2021, Online(Brazil) :

SEMTEC 7º Seminário Técnico da Indústria do Cimento e Cal


20-22 April 2022, Mackay Queensland (Australia) :

ASSCT 2022, 43th Sugar conference, exhibitor and poster presentation.